Alcoholica (2 insert variation)



Type of vinyl: Lp, overstock of ‘Metal militia lp’


Country/year: Probably some year later than the ‘Metal militia lp’ issue, so 1989/1990


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: No life till leather Demo jul 1982, Outtakes Demo 1982-83*, plus unknown artist (last 3 songs)


Matrix: SE 3905 (same of ‘Metal militia lp’)


Sound quality: +


Track list: A. Hit The Lights, The Four Horsemen, Motorbreath, Seek & Destroy, Metal Militia, Jump In The

                 Fire, Phantom Lord     

                  B. Whiplash, No Remorse, *Battle zone, 3 tracks unknown artist



Colour vinyl



Studded bracelet productions








Notes: It’s one of the most beauty overstock, and also one of the more hard to find. I don’t like the overstocks…, but this one it’s funny for the beer cover stickers and is also old. First problem it’s find a copy…, second problem it’s find a real copy. It’s easy to counterfeit it…, but real copy have always the cover box in red colour and the stickers are in good quality print sheet, but it’s not enough for a guaranty…, we speak always about a lot of money!



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