There is a lot of award available on the market, especially on ebay, but a lot of this award are fake (home made). There also a big confusion about the various industry, logo, agency that appear on the market. The old and famous one, based on 1952, it’s the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America).

There are also others company, more young, that have begin make gold and platinum awards, and with someone it’s also possible to make a personal award (presented to himself). Company like IFPI (something similar as the RIAA, but not working on usa) make European Platinum Awards from 1996 (award are presented on compact disc only).

Than there are some other company-shop that working on the Music Industry and make various type of award (gold and platinum, cd and vinyl) with various “write plate” and logos type (someone with a recording label logo, like Elektra or wea, or the acronym of the name company). You can find this kind of award a lot of time on ebay, with a price lower than an original RIAA award. Sometimes appear also with strange frame art, photo on back ground and more.

At last there are various type of home made award, with creative frame art and gold or platinum record or cd.


So there are a lot of awards, that are all (except the home made) original (RIAA, IFPI and company-shop), but the more collectable award are for sure the RIAA ones (more old, more valuable, more collectable). Also some award made by the company-shop are egually cool to have, good frame, a pleasure to see up the wall, but isn’t a RIAA one!




Original RIAA award


Also the RIAA awards are various, with different logos, different back ground and more.

The awards can be presented to a record company or to a music industry executive and there was made in few copies of each award (than there are not unique item).


White matte style (start-1975): with unique white back ground, old (first) logo/placate and album logo, of course the record too.


Floater style (1975-1981): same as the white matte, but with dark back ground.


Strip plate style (1982-1984): with the album cover logo attached to the placate/riaa logo. The riaa logo it’s now with hologram (later 1984) or normal logo. Also (eve.) with cassette over the placate.


2° hologram style (1985-1997): with the “R” logo hologram, that can appear attached to the placate just under the record, or below in the middle of cassette and cd. Can also appear without cd, that look very similar to the strip plate style.


3° hologram style (1997-today): with the new riaa logo (with serial numbers), a lot of different presentation frame, especially for multiplatinum awards.




  First logo, on ‘white matte’ (1975), ‘floater’                         First hologram logo, on ‘strip plate’

 (1975-1981) or ‘strip plate’ (1982-1984) style                                     (1982-1984) style




   Second logo, on ‘2° hologram                          The new logo, with serial numbers,

            style’ (1985-1997)                                   on ‘3° hologram style’ (1997-today)





White matte                  Floater                           Strip plate (normal logo, no cassette)




Strip plate (hologram logo, cassette)           2° hologram (without cd, similar to the strip plate with cassette)




2° hologram (with cd)                     3° hologram




HERE you can find the history of the RIAA awards


HERE you can find the different RIAA award variation (gold, platinum, multiplatinum, diamond; different back ground, different hologram)


HERE you can find all the original RIAA award of Metallica (list)



Some metallica award staff:



Kill ‘em all platinum award record, cd and cassette, 1991, presented to Elektra records


Load platinum award record, cd and cassette, 1996, presented to Elektra records (sold on ebay ’05)


Metallica RIAA 2x Platinum Award - AND JUSTICE FOR ALL

And justice for all multi-platinum (2 mio) award record, cd and cassette, 1989, presented to Elektra records (sold on ebay ’04)


St. Anger gold award record, cd and cassette, 2003, presented to an industry executive (on sale on ebay), with the new hologram


…And justice for all 8x platinum award record, cd and cassette, 2003, presented to an industry executive


…AJFA, gold award, 1988, presented to METALLICA!



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