Charlotte (original) aka Jonesco





Type of vinyl: 3 Lp


Country/year: USA, 1989


Company: Jonesco records


Live/demo: Live at Coliseum, Charlotte, USA 26 feb 1989 and *L'Amours, Brooklyn, USA, 9 apr 1983


Matrix: MET – 1   L 34098


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Blackened, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Welcome Home, Harvester Of Sorrow

                  B. Eye Of The Beholder, Bass Solo, Master Of Puppets, One

                  C. Seek & Destroy, And Justice For All

                  D. Creeping Death, Fade To Black, Guitar Solo

                  E. Battery, Helpless, Last Caress, Am I Evil ?, Whiplash

                  F. Hit The Lights *, The Mechanix *, Phantom Lord *, Jump In The Fire *, Motorbreath *


Colour vinyl









Notes: A very well 3 lps set, that include also part of the last gig of Dave Mustaine. The first issue have more value than the reissue, but also this one it’s hard to find. The sound is not perfect, but there are all the best songs of metallica…., also quite rare.

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