Cliff ‘em all (insert)




From Chris H. collection



Type of vinyl: Lp, green insert, overstock of ‘Horsemen of the apokalypse’


Country/year: Unknown


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: No Life'Till Leather Demos 1982, *Demos 1983 and live at **Wolfsgang's, SF, USA, 29 nov 1982


Matrix: HORSEMEN (same of ‘Horsemen of the apokalypse’)


Sound quality: -


Track list: A. Killing Time, Let It Loose, The Four Horsemen, Seek & Destroy, Metal Militia

                  B. Phantom Lord, Fight Fire With Fire*, Ride The Lightning*, Creeping Death*, The Prince**



Colour vinyl



Collectors or Northlake






Notes: This is one of the more rare old overstock. Probably the issue of this insert boot was some year later the original (’86), so probably around ‘88/’90. Especially for this overstocks the value it’s very personal…, but I know a lot of people that had pay or will pay this money for that overstock.

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