Fucking nuts






                       All day music labels from the collection of Hector

Miss pressed vinyl from the collection of Chris

Type of vinyl: 2 Lp


Country/year: Germany, 1984


Company: PNS international


Live/demo: Live at Ijsselhall, Zwolle, Holland, 11 feb 1984


Matrix: MT-48


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Intro, The Four Horsemen, Jump In The Fire

                  B. Phantom Lord, Ride The Lightning, Guitar Solo, Motorbreath

                  C. Seek & Destroy, Bass Solo, Whiplash, Metal Militia

                  D. Interview with Dave Mustaine, Interview with Lars Ulrich


Colour vinyl






All day music

Keri records

Keri records






Value (EU)         (min/max)




Notes: And this is the first double vinyl boots of metallica. The part D. is an interview part, with Mustaine and Ulrich. You can find a black version with All day music label, that’s not so hard to find, and also a Keri rec. label version that is hard to find. The red version it’s a must for all the metalliboots collector…, and you can find it for 150 euro circa…, but also for a better price. Also available a misspressed version: red and red/white marble colour (collection of Chris) or also with light purple spot on it (the red version). There is also a ‘Fucking nuts’ insert lp…, probably someone had lost the original cover…

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