Justice for adelaide




Type of vinyl: 3 Lp


Country/year: Unknown (maybe Australia), 1990


Company: A big bren production


Live/demo: Live at Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, 5 mar 1989


Matrix: MET-1


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Blackened, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

                  B. Harvester Of Sorrow, Eye Of The Beholder, Bass Solo

                  C. Master Of Puppets, One

                  D. Seek & Destroy, And Justice For All

                  E. Creeping Death, Fade To Black, Guitar Solo

                  F. Battery, Last Caress, Am I Evil ?, Whiplash, Breadfan



Colour vinyl





Big bren prod., blood

Big bren prod., blood

Big bren prod., blood




Value (EU)         (min/max)



Notes: This is one of my favourite boots. Triple set, gatefold sleeve with a very cool photos inside, very expressive gig! The black edition it’s probably around 1000 copies or some more, you can find a copy, no problems. The colour edition are one of the most wanted boots (probably 100 or lower copies only). You can find a triple yellow set or 2 yellow and 1 vinyl blue, that’s the classic colours, but you can also find some cool colour miss pressing like 2 yellow and 1 black/blue marble, or 2 black and 1 blue/black marble, or 2 yellow and 1 yellow/black marble. No way lower than 200 euro…


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