Metal mash (purple insert)



Taked from a website

Type of vinyl: Lp, purple insert cover, overstock of ‘Weed killer and sugar’, only the 1° vinyl


Country/year: Unknown, some years later the original issue


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Live in Ijsselhalll, Zwolle, Holland, 11 feb 1984


Matrix: 7507-A (same as ‘Weed killer and sugar’, first vinyl)


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Intro, The Four Horsemen, Jump In The Fire

                  B. Phantom Lord, Ride The Lightning, Guitar Solo, Motorbreath



Colour vinyl



Screaming oiseau



Value (EU)         (min/max)


Notes: One of the rarest overstock ever made…, absolute hard to find. It’s the first overstock part of ‘Weed killer and sugar’, the second overstock part (second vinyl of ‘Weed killer and sugar’) is ‘Llik em all’. Probably was made in 15/20 copies only. Not mistake this ‘Metal mash’ PURPLE insert, with a later issue, ‘Metal mash’ RED insert (always an overstock but of the first vinyl of ‘Cee four reissue’)


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