This page can help you metallicollectors to have an idea of what is an overstock, what is an home made overstock, what is a repress. This is always my idea about overstock, my opinion.



® an overstock born because an overmuch of vinyls remain without original cover. If you order 1000 pressings of a vinyl the factory will make you 1000 plus about 10%-15% extra. This is because they have to do this as vinyl is not an exact art: when each record is pressed there is always a small amount that gets cut off after each pressing, this means they have to add extra vinyl. Lp covers are almost always made by a different factory: if you order 1000 you will get 1000 covers, maybe a few extra but not many.


® an overstock is made by the man or company that originally made the vinyls or by another person that had buy all the overstock vinyls, and there are from 50 to 150 overstock vinyl.

An overstock is not made by one person that make 4 or 5 copies (or low!) for keep easy money a lot of years later than original issue. That’s a crappy  home made!!!

You can see also a numbered edition …/100, but maybe there are only 5 copies! Impossible to know for sure of many copies was made.


® than for boots of metallica it’s very hard (impossible) to say what is a “real” overstock (than with a lot of copies made: 50, 100, or more) and what is an home made overstock (few few copies), but some old overstocks there are not so bad to collect it (if you want).

In the list there are some old overstock that have a good collectable value, like llik ‘em all and metal mash (purple insert), that maybe there are not an home made overstock but a real overstock with a lot of copy; but there are also a crappy home made like I hope you mother fucker die soon or demontage).


® another problem is that an overstock it’s easy to counterfeit it. You photocopies the insert and put the original vinyl inside…., you have the ‘rare’ overstock.

So, if you want to collect it, be sure that there are ‘original’ copy…, especially  for the old one (more value), but it’s too hard to say it’s true or fake!!!


® maybe some of this overstock are really made in 50, 100 or more copies (so not by one man that make 5 crappy home made overstock!) but I have not evidence abut that, so I have decide to put all the overstock in the same list. Just you know that some overstocks are a good collectable (the old one), some other are a shit, and about that all the collectors can have a different idea.


® than most of the overstock of metallica bootlegs there are home made overstock. Some collectors had some extra copies of a bootleg, keep only the vinyl, and made a new insert cover: finally he have made a new bootleg for sale (and for make money!). This kind of overstock normally is made in 5, 10, 15 copies, not more.

Normally this overstock born years later than the original issue (also 15 years!), that is not normal in a “normal” overstock.


® an overstock lp have always the same matrix number, same colour vinyl, the same label of the original vinyl, simply because it is the original vinyl!

But there are some overstock that have change the matrix number (or deleted) and change the label. This is always the original vinyl, but it’s adapted! This overstock it’s always home made, and normally this kind of overstock are always a good lot (maybe 50 or 100 copies, because don’t make sense to change matrix and label for 3 or 5 copies only).


® a repress (new press, not the original 1° issue vinyl like for an overstock, but a reissue!) of another record have the same recording, same matrix, but normally change the label and the cover (or only the cover, or only the label). A lot of repress have plain white label and a cover more easy to make (like an insert or a normal cover if the original was a box edition, all this for spend the low money possible). Normally a repress is made by the same “factory” (or “home made factory”) that had made the original, but not always! The edition it’s always more than 100 copies made (normally 500, 1000 or more).

If a record have the same gig inside, but matrix, labels different, is not a repress or reissue!!

Repress (only few example)

Reissue: Damaged justice tour ‘89

Reissue: Acting like a maniac plain white label


Overstock: Demontage

Overstock: The fly of a bee

Overstock: Atomica melancholica, 2lp

Overstock: One for you

Overstock: On tour

Overstock: Creeping death (orange insert)

Overstock: Sad but true

Overstock: Years of sorrow (UK)

Overstock: Years of sorrow (GER)

Overstock: The metal years, 2lp

Overstock: The metal monster

Overstock: Metal mash (red insert)

Overstock: Live in concert (white cover), 2lp

Overstock: Terror of death

Overstock: Weed killer (insert)

Overstock: I hope you mother fucker die soon

Overstock: Masters of metal vol.1 and vol. 2

Overstock: Metallica Zwolle (yellow insert)

Overstock: Cleveland ‘84

Overstock: Cliff ‘em all

Overstock: Supercharged

Overstock: Alcoholica (beer insert)

Overstock: Metal mash (purple insert)

Overstock: Llik ‘em all (blue insert)

Overstock: Goodbye, Cliff R.I.P

Overstock: Fucking nuts (insert)

Overstock: Made in Obervolta (insert)

Overstock: Nuclear blast live ‘88


Adapted overstock


Overstock: Let there be rock

Overstock: Metallica (fantasy insert cover) 2lp

Overstock: Nasty boyz



Original: Damaged justice tour ’89 box

Original: Acting like a maniac w/ label

Original: Garage days revisited

Original: Fucking nuts, vinyl 1

Original: The freak’s not here, both

Original: Caught in the act

Original: Demonic invocation, vinyl 1

Original: Cee four reissue, vinyl 2

Original: Deathamp

Original: Bang a gong

Original: Appetite for destruction, vinyl 1

Original: Teutonicus furor, Caught in the act

Original: Weed killer and sugar, vinyl 2

Original: Cee four reissue, vinyl 1

Original: Live for all, both

Original: Acting like a maniac

Original: Weed killer and sugar

Original: Old shit, clear vinyl

Original: Monsters of rock, both

Original: Fucking nuts, vinyl 1

Original: Live for all, vinyl 2

Original: Horsemen of the apocalypse

Original: The garage remains the same

Original: Metal militia

Original: Weed killer and sugar, vinyl 1

Original: Weed killer and sugar, vinyl 2

Original: The hexenhammer, vinyl 1

Original: Fucking nuts, both

Original: Calling all destroyers

Original: The freak’s not here, vinyl 2

Original: Evil never die, white vinyl

Original: Le zenith

Original: Whiplash live ‘91



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