Well, finally, after months of reflections, i decide to do this page. Im not the expert, but in more

than 10 years i have see a lot of staff. Recently, checking on ebay at first, i see A LOT of fake

signed metallica items, and not only metallica... Than remember me when someone told me

that about 70-80% of ebay signed staff are fake, well..., probably. Finally checking on popsike i see

that when you write’ metallica signed’ on the search system, and show the highest price first, you

will see that at less 50% of the items on the first page are FAKE!!!!!

And some people payed 500$ for a shit fake item, probably get it framed up the wall : (((

But than how find and buy a legit signed item? Hard to say, but here we go...

The best way, of caurse, is get it signed in person. Ok..., easy to say, more hard to do, especially if

you look for some old treasure signatures like cliff burton. Even nowdays signatures are not so easy

to get in person, to meet, for example, metallica...

And even if you buy an item that look real, from a good seller, with picture of proof, you will never

be 100% sure of is authenticity, so we can say it's quite impossible to buy a signed item and be

100% sure of it. But we can know a bit more about how to looking to the real deal...


The seller. You know the seller already? Do business with already? He sold good staff and is

a respectable collector? Ok, than probably he have good signed staff, but not necessary REAL.

Maybe he don't want to fuk you with a fake item, but maybe he also don't know if is a real or fake...,

so is not a garancy of a real item, but help much to know the other part of the business you do with.


The price. Is a bargain? Than 99,9% is a fake! Nobody will sell a treasure item for low price...,

beware. Is an high/right price? Not necessary is the real deal. I recently sold a rtl signed 1985 for

375$, a good price indeed, but cliff signature was a little smudged, that lowered the price..., but that

one was real! I see record signed for more than 1000$, but with an offer of 500$ would be sold. So

that one bring me some doubts... Well, he put it on ebay for 1000$ and accept a 50% lower price...?

Thinking like "Ok, i make 500$ free and fast, not bad indeed..., so beware. Finally, price is always

subjective and personal..., especially on ebay can all appear..., so isn't so indicative for the buyer.


Item itself. What kind of item is signed? Make attention to the year of release of the record, or cd,

or whatever… I see record pressed later ’90 signed by metallica in ’86! Quite comic i know, but

in certain case can help, especially for those that don’t have in memory the exact date of release of

certain lp/cd. Can appear an rtl signed on 1986, but it’s a later press of the 1988! Beware.

A second thing about the item, that’s not absolute but can also help, is what kind of item is signed.

Normally a fake signed item have low value: nobody counterfeit an item that can be worth much

also without signatures! Personally, if I can meet metallica and get signed some staff, well I will

bring with me some of my nice/rare staff. But if I must counterfeit an item signing it, I will of

course keep the common staff with low value, so i can make 10x value with fake signs.

So if you come across a megaforce promo rtl or kea signed, probably is real or seller is an idiot!!

(yes…, isn’t absolute…, I know).


Item description and proof. Beware from bullshit that can you read about the item: was signed

by frend, i meet in person, my brother was..., a seller that wanna sell a fake always add a beautiful

history about where and who..., but fantasy it's the lord of this kind of sellers. Beware. Even when

seller show you a picture of the ticket, a pass, a picture of the band signing..., can be (and normally

be!) all bullshit. Especially in the early days, who have really meet metallica, does not thinked

about take pics showing cliff signing some staff! That's for sure. Recently i see a lot of signed staff

with exact proof, for example ac/dc signing an album, thats was the album on the action but angus

signed in another edge..., so isn't for sure an exact proof! And finally video, some are real, some

not. Not garancy enough for spend 1000$ imo.


Bad fake, good fake. That's the shit: when you come across a visible fake, bad made signatures,

well its easy, but when the signatures look real..., what to do? And from other side, alcol and drugs

can do some bad joke to the hands of artist ; ) so sign look like shit but are true. This second fact it's

quite rare imo: also when drunk or whatever, signature can look not perfect, some lines strange and

not on the "normal" look like sign of the artist, but can be not so hard say real or not, in the doubt

don't buy. That's all. BUT on the fact you find a good fake.., hard to say real or fake.

For example: i buy a green cover rtl signed in 86. Signatures look great (thinking now about, was

too much good, you know, all perfect signature, super clear, strange for an 25 years old signatures),

but inside was the red vinyl boots, and def also the cover was a little different from the original

press (the right side in front cover, in the boots reissue the last cm of the lightning are linear..., and

so was what i bought). The seller tell me that the preview owner have change the vinyl cause of

the damage (!) mhhhhhh, i ask for a refound and so was. I think the seller i bought he really don't

know that was a fake, i trust him when he say me all the history, but first owner..., well he was not

a gentlemen than. Im sure 100% this was the bootleg green cover, so not possible that was signed

on 1986! So the lesson is: signatures can look real, super good made, BUT fake! Than must

accuracy control the type of sign and sharpie lines…


Type of sign. It's one of the must to look on signature items. Especially when you find a record

cover signed: if the 4 signatures (in case of metallica for example) are egually distributed on the

4 'edge' of the sleeve, when are big the same, have the same direction, well is strange if not fake.

It's impossible (and i never seen one) that a record sleeve was or is signed proportionally egually by

4 person, also on the same direction, impossible! Than fake!

In case of extra write (not only sign but also writing like ‘vodka tour’ or ‘drink and destroy’, or

just the year of signature add by lars) well it’s quite indicative for the buyer. Lars loved in the ’80

add some shit to his sign, he have a tipical hand writing, on the numbers and on the word ‘vodka’

or ‘tour’, you can check that and look at an original lars hand write letter or even record sleeve

with extra add and look if are same or not. I know seller can made itself and counterfeit it, but isn’t

so easy. For example, i have see an item signed with (if i remember right…) lars extra ‘vodka tour

85’ and james extra ‘drink and destroy’, and that was the same hand writing! Than same person,

than fake!


Type of pen/sharpie. Another control point very important, especially for old signed items!

Especially with sharpie, on old signed items, it’s quite indicative. On a record sleeve signed back

in the ’80 with sharpie, it’s impossible to have 4 nice, well done, complete, without imperfection

on the line itself signatures! After 25 years, even if stored in plastic or whatever, the lines of the

sharpie are not like lines do recently! So when you come across a cliff signature that look perfect,

plain beautiful line, beware. Of course it’s not absolute.., but can help much!

Normally on an old sleeve signed the lines look ‘old’, ‘ugly’, ‘streaked’, it’s not like new you

know! Another ‘line effect’ is done when a sign it’s fast made, and normally a sign it’s fast made.

So when you find a signature that look real, but have not the tipical ‘internal uncoloration’ (sorry

that’s bad english lol ) but he have a plain/full color, and look like slow and accuracy made,

beware! That’s why it’s always important to ask close up and detail picture of the sign!


Method of payment. This is a good things also for staff not signed: if you close a deal (especially

outside ebay) it’s a good think to pay with paypal. Don’t think im a paypal fun, isn’t so, I hate the

4% fees! But if you don’t recive any items (so seller have fuked you!) you can open a claim trought

paypal and have a total refound! If you pay with bank transfer or whatever…, at your risk! Beware.

(I tasted it on my skin.., not beautiful lost money on this way for an asshole seller!)


This is some kind of help on find fake or real signed items, isn’t absolutely, so you will never

have the certainty about real deal or fake shit!!!









I love metallica old style, from ’80, especially Cliff Burton era, like much more collectors.

So the must have of any die hard collector is of course a signed lp, cd’s or whatever, from 1983-1986.

Well, in the last 10 years I got a lot of signed records (lp it’s what i like more…) and see a lot of signed staff.

Sadly, they are a lot of fake signed lp’s too. Here you can find some pictures from my collection, frends

collection and from internet…, with some advice/guide about how to check real signed staff…, and fake.


I will not write just FAKE or REAL. I try to explain why i have some doubt in some lp’s signed that

tell me that’s better don’t buy it!


As write before…, first at all look at the pictures! Pics say all! Than read also all the possible bullshit

about how and where was signed…, cause sometimes signs looks good, but maybe story/seller not!





Kill em all, megaforce, 1983

Signed on dec 1983, usa

This is a nice example of early signatures type, even look much more like an 84 style, with generous ‘add’ from all members. Also quite classic is the cliff sign on simple pen, with ‘fuk em up’ add. Also james and lars classic hand writing very visible (‘K’,‘TH’ and ‘S’ for james and ‘N’, ‘M’ and ‘E’ for lars). Finally signatures look really old (30 years old!), the color it’s faded up partially, signs look unregular, stunning.

‘Hetfield’ on james sign it’s typically from 83-84, change a little on 85-86. Also ‘Burton’ from cliff ones it’s classic ‘full name’ from early days, later will be only ‘BA’.


Kill em all, megaforce, 1983

Signed on 1983, from Chris (invisible chris 23) collection

Early days! Small signs with a lot of special add. Cliff sign look not so classic, but old/faded signs and look real signs in general confirm the deal.

Look at classic kirk hand write: ‘EA’ and ‘TH’ of death word, is exactly the same as my kea. Above the hammer stay ‘metallica’, lars classic hand write. ‘Ulrich’ from lars sign: classic big ‘g’ to finish the sign, that disappear on 85-86.




Jump in the fire 12”

From alex website (metallisigned)

Awesome 1984 signed (in Zwolle) jump lp. Classic james hand write with old style ‘hetfield’ sign. Classic lars hand write visible especially on the word vodka. Not enough space for cliff and kirk to done a stunning signs but look really nice also. Lars still done the ‘s’ as final for ‘lars’ and ‘g’ for ‘ulrich’. Not much faded sharpie, but I think in person can you easely show sign of age on the lines…



Ride the lightning, megaforce 84

Signed on 1985 (my ex copy, sold)

Unfortunely cliff sign is smudged off, but nobody made a fake like this right? Anyway, special add disappeared (exept lars that add the year), not more lars final ‘g’ but only a sign like ‘m’, ‘hetfielf’ from james final sign goes back (earlier he goes back and front again), kirk sign it’s similar but ‘hammett’ start below kirk and second part of cliff sign have only ‘BA’, without any ‘o’ or ‘t’ as final.

Signatures looks again old and faded off, more big as he early days.



Kill em all

Signed 1985 (my ex copy, now on metallifreak27 collection)

Stunning signatures, no special add but egually nice, just perfect. On reality can show the small faded from sharpie.




Master of puppets

Signed 1986 (from popsike)

Sold for 1000$, I think it’s the real deal. ‘Hammett’ from kirk sign it’s more below kirk (not always its like this anyway) and lost the central part of sign, also ‘james’ it’s write much linear and ‘hetfield’ it’s also more simple. ‘VOD’ from vodka word write from lars it’s a classic (‘V’ like an U and ‘O’ ‘D’ similar (sometimes attached), also the ‘6’ from 86 it’s a classic (small hole finished on below).

Big sign, no add, and not more longer sign but ‘fat’. This is a perfect fake or the real deal! Story/seller can help much on this case…







(just some example!)

Another nice signed jump (probably ’86) from the Sergey collection, many thanks…














Here a holy grail kea testpress signed back on 1986, (owner unknown) thanks to Title Sticker

for sharing it.




This is absolutely my favourite: comic signatures, all same ‘big’, same handwriting look, too much regular location of the signs, sharpie not faded, even not similar to a real tallica sign.

Well, this was sold for more than 1000$  !!! Sad but true…

“… come with a certificate of approval…” seller says. My God.











Sold for more than 600$ !!!

No comment.

550$   Again no comment.





DOUBT SIGNED LP – Here show only the picture, but a lot of other info are important to conclude if real or fake!!!

(in the doubt don’t buy it!)


Drunk or fake…, more than probably the second one….

More I look at it, more I say it’s a fake.., even without read any story about, or any pics showing the boys sign it in person…

First of all the sharpie: plain black like do this morning. Look not old at all. ‘BOOZE’ isn’t the classic james hand write and it’s more a ‘creeping death’ 12” word. Lars sign look real, the other 3 not 100%. So im not sure about, I will never buy it…



This look not so bad…, look like an 1983 signed jump, in pen.

But on description seller say signed on 86, so he really don’t know what he sell or sell a fake made by him. Strange that all 4 signs are horizontal made, same big too, too much big for an 1983.

Doubt = not buy



Bad quality picture, anyway this is on ebay now (jan 2013) for more than 2500$.  First impression on a better picture I have is the hand write ‘die fuker!’, never seen it. Than cliff sign look slow made, again black sharpie plain, no faded. Well for that price must more than 100% sure about…, but even for 500$!



Bad picture again, but first strange is the final hammett sign: normally finish on front, this one goes back. Also james sign look bad and word ‘booze’ it’s strange too. Same location on the cover, same ‘big’, same orientation.. With a better pictures and seller feedback will have more detail to say fake.














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