The devil shaved soap and gasoline




The 2 different violaceous (more blue) and purple (more red) colour edition


Label of the black vinyl edition from Hector

Type of vinyl: 2 Lp


Country/year: USA, 1987


Company: Screaming oiseau


Live/demo: *No life ‘til leather demos jul 1982; **Whiplash / No remorse demos 16 mar 1983

                   ***Unknown demos; ****Ride the lightning demos sept 1983; *****Megadeth demos 1985


Matrix: 7504


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A*. Hit The Lights, The Machanix, Motorbreath, Seek And Destroy, Metal Militia, Jump In The Fire,        

                  Phantom Lord

                  B. Whiplash**, No Remorse**, 4 tracks unknown***

                  C****. Ride The Lightning, Creeping Death, When Hell Freezes Over

                  D. Fight Fire With Fire****, You And Me*****, Rock Me*****



Colour vinyl




Yellow/yellow (?)


Screaming oiseau

Amazing stork

Amazing stork

Amazing stork





Value (EU)         (min/max)



Notes: Another great boots…, especially the colour edition made by Amazing stork (that made also the colour edition of ‘Cee four original’ and ‘Weed killer and sugar’). The purple/yellow (both vinyls are super well translucent colour!) its very hard to find, and the value goes easy over 200 euro. The yellow/yellow version it’s super hard to find…, never see a copy…,and maybe does not exist! So if you can get a yellow/yellow copy…., keep your hand on it!!


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