The explosive power of Metallica (insert)




Metallibasher collection

Type of vinyl: Lp insert cover, overstock of  ‘Old shit’


Country/year: Unknown


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Live at Stadthalle, Cologne, Germany, 12 may 1984


Matrix: SIAH 001 (same as ‘old shit’ lp)


Sound quality: -


Track list: A. Intro, Fight Fire With Fire, Ride The Lightning, Phantom Lord, The Four Horsemen

                  B. Bass Solo, For Whom The Bell Tolls, No Remorse, Whiplash, Motorbreath



Colour vinyl




Plain white




Value (EU)         (min/max)



Notes: An other home made overstock…, same as ‘I hope you motherfucker die soon’. Now the flyer inside the original vinyl ‘Old shit’ it’s print on a orange sheet.


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