Weed killer (insert)



Dante’s collection

Type of vinyl: 2 Lp, overstock of ‘Weed killer and sugar’


Country/year: Unknown, last years (later than 2000)


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Live at the Ijsselhalll, Zwolle, Holland, 11 feb 1984 (Side 1-3)
                    Live at Donington Park, Donington, England, 17 aug 1985 (Side 4)


Matrix: 7507 (same as ‘Weed killer and sugar’)


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Intro, The Four Horsemen, Jump In The Fire

                  B. Phantom Lord, Ride The Lightning, Guitar Solo, Motorbreath

                  C. Seek & Destroy, Bass Solo, Whiplash, Metal Militia

                  D. Intro, Creeping Death, Ride The Lightning, Fade To Black, Am I Evil?



Colour vinyl

Colour vinyl


Amazing stork



Value (EU)         (min/max)


Notes: That’s probably an overstock made around ’90, only few copies was made…


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