In this list you will find all the bootleg vinyl of metallica, from 1984 to around 2005 (I donít have list the last new record)

You will find also the overstock bootleg vinyl, especially the old ones (some new, home made ones, probably made in only few copies or maybe an unique copy arenít listed)

A lot of bootleg can have some minor wax miss pressing (like small sign or point), arenít showed

The value itís showed with * (common/cheap), **, ***, **** (hard to find/expansive)

(based to personal and collector friends experience)

Especially for the overstock bootleg, this value itís very personal

The edition itís an indicative number of the number of the copies pressed

Thanks to Christopher, Hector, Samuel, Henning and Dante for help me with the photos and with other info


All the list is on update!




Only overstock†††††††† Only demo††††††† Live by date