Atomica melancholica

Cleveland 84 (insert)

Cliff 'Em All (insert)

Creeping Death (insert)


Goodbye Cliff, R.I.P

Years of Sorrow (Live in England)

Years of Sorrow (Live in Germany)

I Hope You Mother Fuckers Die Soon

Justicia Falls 7

Let There Be Rock

Live in Concert

Llik 'Em All

Made in Obervolta

Masters Of Metal Vol. 1 & 2

Metallica (fantasy women insert cover)

Metallica (Zwolle, Holland '84)

Metal Mash (purple insert)

Metal Mash (red insert)

Metal Monster

Nasty Boyz

Nuclear Blast Live 88

One For You

On Tour

Sad But True


Terror of death

The Explosive Power Of Metallica

The Flight Of A Bee

The Metal Years

Weed Killer (insert)



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